Our Process

Our innovative approach has been developed from years of creating bespoke experiences and engaging storytelling environments. We pride ourselves in being problem solvers, listeners, and partners – tailoring solutions to your project’s needs and requirements.

  • Strategy + Preliminary Vision

    What are my strategic objectives?
    Thinkwell works with the client and key stakeholders to understand their business goals, project needs, and financial & operational constraints. These parameters are refined to arrive at clear strategic objectives of what the concept needs to achieve in order to be successful.

    Strategy + Preliminary Vision 01
  • Blue Sky Development

    What’s the big idea?
    In collaboration with the client and stakeholders, Thinkwell develops a variety of amazing ideas and then streamlines them into a client-friendly package that makes the Big Idea easy to understand and internally tests those ideas against the Strategic Objectives.

    Blue Sky Development 02
  • Concept Development

    How big is it?
    We begin to design, write, plan and budget the project in this stage, building upon and fleshing out the Big Idea. Estimates, plans, artwork and storyboards help the client better understand what it is.

    Concept Development 03
  • Concept Refinement + Schematic Design

    What color is it?
    We turn the Big Idea into information that can be shared with architects, engineers and vendors. A greater degree of certainty of budget and schedule is attained.

    Concept Refinement + Schematic Design 04
  • Design Development

    How do we build it?
    Thinkwell provides detailed design drawings, technical information and descriptions of all project elements so everyone involved knows just what to do, how to do it and what it will cost.

    Design Development 05
  • Construction Document Review

    How do I make sure it’s built correctly?
    We monitor, supervise, and review the work of architects and fabricators to ensure the creative intent is maintained throughout the project.

    Construction Document Review 06
  • Fabrication Supervision + Media Production

    How do I make sure it will look great?
    We oversee the design intent, provide in-shop and on-site art direction and design continuity, and oversee all show elements as they are completed. This also includes producing the media and interactive elements that will bring the experience to life.

    Fabrication Supervision + Media Production 07
  • Installation Supervision

    Who’s going to make sense of this on site?
    We are there to supervise installation, provide field art direction and oversee the testing of lighting, sound, show control and other elements.

    Installation Supervision 08
  • Programming + Training

    How do you turn it on?
    We program all show elements, commission all systems and work with vendors and suppliers to test, adjust and make sure everything is aligned to the Big Idea.

    Programming + Training 09
  • Soft Opening

    We test drive it with an invited audience.
    The project initially “soft opens” for a group of forgiving guests (often employees and their families). We are there to observe, repair, and modify before opening to the general public.

    Soft Opening 10
  • Grand Opening

    This is great! I’m glad we thought of it!
    We work in the background, adjusting small details as the new experience is opened to the general public.

    Grand Opening 11
  • Ongoing Quality Control + Upgrade

    Will it stay fresh?
    We perform periodic inspections, develop new media and change outdated experiences to insure the experience stays up-to-date and relevant for visitors.

    Ongoing Quality Control + Upgrade 12