Thinkwell Group’s Own Patents

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Did you know Thinkwell owns patents?

Over the years, Thinkwell have developed a variety of ideas, inventions, unique technologies, and other intellectual properties. But did you know Thinkwell holds multiple patents for some of these innovations?

Our first patent, granted to Thinkwell Group in 2013, is for a gesture-based interactive dark ride system. Rather than using a gun or other tethered object held in the hand and triggered, like those found in dozens of rides ranging from Men in Black: Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida, this patent was awarded for the innovative idea of using human gestures–no device needed–to trigger interactivity offboard the ride vehicle.

2017 delivered three unique patents to Thinkwell:

Thinkwell Driv Patent

The first was for a robotic arm ride system mounted to a turntable–delivering the same scene-by-scene thrills of a Kuka-type dark ride but with the economical footprint found with a turntable to move guests from scene to scene while providing dynamic motion in sync with the action.

Two other patents that year related to Thinkwell’s development of the golf entertainment venue, DRĪV. In developing the exciting interactive group golf experience, the project development team innovated a new golf ball hitting mat and ball launch assist ramp (the latter element to improve range for beginners). The second patent was for an LED screen on the back of the driving range that provides visual feedback relating to interactive golfing

In 2019, Thinkwell Studio Montréal received a patent for the automatic projection calibration system they invented, allowing for Sureast and simple automated calibration of multiple projectors in applications ranging from multi-projector media presentations to massive mapped projection environments and spectaculars. 

Thinkwell Group Living MuralLiving Mural™, an innovation conceived and created by Thinkwell is patent pending. Found in the lobby of Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter, this invention combines multiple planes of LED, traditional printed mediums, and projection: rear 4-color LED mesh, printed translucent murals, and front mapped projected elements. These combine together to create the magical illusion of static murals of any size coming to life.

Thinkwell often has to conceive and create new ideas to solve problems where no solution existed prior, and Thinkwell’s many patents are proof that our innovative teams truly push the envelope every day.