Introducing Thinkwell’s New Diversity & Inclusion Council

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Over the course of nearly two decades of Thinkwell’s operation, our awareness of issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and access has evolved and grown. Our challenge is to ensure Thinkwell, as an organization and as a leader in the themed entertainment industry, reflects and embraces this understanding. One of the most important organizational changes we’ve made recently is the establishment of a Diversity & Inclusion Council. This is not a box to tick off, but one element in a commitment to this important, unending work. The Thinkwellians on the Council have come forward to help ensure their colleagues and the industry at large can hold honest conversations about the issues we all are facing and hopefully make our world—and industry—a better place.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council is comprised of 20 employees across identities, teams, and seniority, in order to bring diverse perspectives to the table. The mission of the group is to track and manage three core areas: 

Assessment: Continually assessing the current state of Thinkwell, progress in achieving inclusion and impact of projects spearheaded by the D&I Council

Identification of Opportunities: Exploring the major needs or areas for improvement, forming internal teams to develop plans and methodologies to address these needs, and providing feedback to those internal teams.

Education and Support: Curate content for Thinkwellians to review and discuss in small groups internally, codify and disseminate best practices in our processes and work products, develop outreach tools for Thinkwellians to use in the industry, and share our thought leadership with the themed entertainment industry.

Change is not easy, but it is our responsibility to not only do this work, but share our process and outcomes so that others may benefit. By championing this work with empathy, humility, honesty, and understanding, we believe we can help advance the industry we’ve dedicated our careers to, ensuring the workplace we’ve built and the industry we serve is one that is safe, fair, and welcoming for all.