Our Approach to Live Event and Show Production

Thinkwell offers a wide range of live event and show production services. From exclusive engagements and publicity stunts to bespoke multimedia attractions and nighttime spectaculars,Thinkwell collaborates with brands, intellectual properties, and agencies in order to create productions that not only amaze audiences, but engage them as well. 

Thinkwell’s live event and show production work integrates logistics, technology, and production in a way that is unique to each engagement. By working with clients on an event or show’s strategy, design, and execution, Thinkwell is able to create emotionally rich and technically innovative experiences. These productions range from stadium shows with awe-inspiring pyrotechnics and complex technical stagings to meticulously choreographed live performances and parades consisting of hundreds of cast members. 

Thinkwell has created hundreds of memorable live experiences for audiences around the globe. Whether it is transporting guests into the world of fan-favorite characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, or rocking audiences to their core at a Super Bowl halftime show, Thinkwell combines storytelling, technology, choreography, and live performances in ways that resonate with guests for years to come.