Our Approach to Graphic Design, Wayfinding, & Branding

Graphics create a sense of function and meaning for themed environments. Signs put a name to a face, create an identity, weave stories, and transform generic buildings into specific places, establishing an overall design language to create a cohesive experience. Branding creates a visual language for a new product — a compelling promise activated and reinforced by a consistent brand experience.

At Thinkwell, we understand the importance of graphic design, wayfinding, and branding in creating a cohesive guest experience. The core philosophy of the Graphics Department is to create a compelling design language that upholds the brand and enhances the overall guest experience within the space, using your brand to tell your story.

Our team of experienced graphic designers covers a wide range of expertise, including brand strategy & development, wayfinding & signage, marquee design, naming, logo creation, and more.


Our graphic design services apply across all industries, from themed attractions to brand centers to museum exhibitions:

Theme Parks and Resorts

Brand Experiences


Museums & Cultural Experiences

Retail, Dining & Entertainment


What graphic design, wayfinding, & branding deliverables does Thinkwell offer?
Thinkwell offers a range of deliverables relating to graphic design, branding & wayfinding, including presentation decks, showcase books, marquee design, poster design, wayfinding signage, mobile design, brand identity guidelines, environmental design, merchandise collateral, and infographics.

What is wayfinding?
Wayfinding involves creating tools to help guests navigate their way through a space, including signs, maps, and other visual indicators. Effective wayfinding creates an identity for each location, using landmarks as cues, and placing signs at key decision points.

What types of graphics can Thinkwell produce?
Thinkwell can create coffee table books, presentation decks, supergraphics, museum and exhibit panels, sitemaps, digital interactives, marquees, and more.

What is Thinkwell’s creative process behind brand strategy?
Thinkwell’s Graphics Department uses a four-part process, including Discovery, Strategy, Design Identity, and Brand Guidelines, to develop the right set of brand guidelines to position your brand for success.