Our Approach to Media Production for Location Based Entertainment

Media is a powerful tool that can be used to capture guests’ imaginations through vivid storytelling – both through conventional means on a screen and through seamless integration of media into physical environments. In location-based entertainment, media provides guest immersion and engagement through a variety of experiences.

Thinkwell’s media capabilities range from scripting, shooting, and editing, to special effects, projection mapping, and post-production. Our team provides comprehensive, in-house entertainment production experience to our clients, no matter the project request. We ensure that our media production experts—who are also versed in specialized media integration and seamlessly integrating 3D architectural video mapping and interactive media—are part of the creative process from the beginning of a project.

Our media work is led by Thinkwell Media, our in-house creative production team that specializes in visual storytelling and cutting edge immersive media experiences. Thinkwell Media supports our work as a global design and production powerhouse, creating custom, content-driven experiences for companies and brands around the world. We use immersive multimedia to elevate our storytelling, and we consider and incorporate a variety of media tools into our designs, including but not limited to audio design, technical design, music, cinema-quality video, interactive media, and projection mapped media.

Media Production for Attractions, Theme Parks, Nighttime Spectaculars, and More

Our media production capabilities span a range of industries and integrations, from cutting-edge attraction media and nighttime spectaculars, to world-building in theme parks and the educational environments of museums and cultural experiences.


Spectaculars & Shows

Media Integration at Theme Parks and Resorts

Museums and Cultural Experiences


What forms of media is Thinkwell capable of producing? 

Thinkwell is capable of producing a wide range of media deliverables, whether it’s for a mobile screen, massive screen, or multi-screen; inside a headset, at a theme park, or part of a museum exhibit; or an integrated element of a live experience.  Past project work, in conjunction with Thinkwell Media, includes creating original and behind-the-scenes marketing content for film, television, and video game properties; crafting custom media for location-based entertainment attractions, shows, and live events; producing commercials for international style and service brands; and developing branded, celebrity-driven campaign content for deployment across a range of digital touchpoints.

How does Thinkwell approach media production? 

Thinkwell’s teams will oversee the creative direction in-house and on-site, as well as all show elements that are tied to media. This includes producing the media content and interactive elements of an experience that bring the subject, brand, or IP to life in new and innovative ways.

Our teams are equipped to script, shoot, produce, and edit media for home entertainment, location-based entertainment, corporate brands, consumer brand and campaign marketing, and more.

What is location-based entertainment? 

Location-based entertainment is the concept of bringing guests to a physical space to participate in a shared experience together. Theme parks, museums, resorts, nighttime spectaculars, and attractions all fall under the location-based entertainment umbrella. A growing need for face-to-face, physical, and emotional interactions is proving how beneficial and impactful location-based entertainment can be, and media integration is often a pivotal piece of any location-based entertainment project.