U.S. Marshals Museum

  • Client: U.S. Marshals Museum
  • Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas

Thinkwell was approached by the leadership of the U.S. Marshals Museum to create an engaging and unique experience that would bring the storied history of the U.S. Marshals to life. The goal was to provide visitors with a firsthand understanding of what it means to be a Marshal by creating a space in which guests could engage with challenging and serious moments in the nation’s history, while also balancing the experience with the fun and larger-than-life stories of the Marshals. 

Thinkwell has been involved in the project since 2017 and was responsible for the design, production, and delivery of the entire guest experience throughout the museum, including all media production, interactives, and technology integration.

Formed in 1789, The United States Marshals are the nation’s oldest law enforcement agency in the US, and with that comes a rich and complex history. Thinkwell’s teams set out to tell their story by showcasing both the historic and modern worlds of the US Marshals with authentic placemaking, personalized and participatory visitor interactives, and dynamic media and exhibits throughout the museum. Separated into six distinctive zones, the museum provides a comprehensive understanding of the Marshals’ role in law enforcement for visitors of all ages and abilities. 

Thinkwell Media led the development and production for all custom media throughout the museum, bringing authentic storytelling to core museum experiences like ‘The Campfire – Stories Under the Stars.’ 

Thinkwell’s Montreal studio designed, developed, and programmed the technical and interactive elements across the exhibits, all working to showcase the history of the Marshals and bring to life the skills it takes to do the job.