Tom and Jerry: Swiss Cheese Spin

  • Client: Warner Bros.
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The classic cat-and-mouse duo of Tom and Jerry is featured on their very own high-speed spinning roller coaster at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi. The completely indoor ride through the dark features dynamic twists and turns, as guests ride aboard customized spinning wheels of cheese and whiz past illuminated scenes of mayhem, including several integrated media effects and full-scale scenic character props, all scored to a customized on-board soundtrack.  Thinkwell provided concept design, schematic design, design development, in-field art direction and creative integration, IP management, production, media production, audio design, technical design, and onsite supervision for this family-friendly roller coaster.

Guests begin their journey through the iconic house belonging to Tom and Jerry, where evidence of a recent chase can be found all around. Passing between the walls, guests soon find themselves shrunk down to the size of a mouse, where they discover Jerry’s scheme to capture and transport cheese up to his hidden cheese bank. There’s only one thing standing in the way of his plan… Tom. Sure enough, soon guests are sent on a wild chase throughout the house as Tom chases Jerry and Jerry chases the cheese!


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