The Joker Funhouse

  • Client: Warner Bros.
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This twisted interactive walkthrough experience located in Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi immerses guests into a funhouse of mind-bending tricks, tests, and surprises, including a hall of mirrors, a shrinking corridor, a labyrinth, and a hallucination hallway. Thinkwell worked in partnership with Warner Bros. to provide concept design, schematic design, design development, in-field art direction and creative integration, IP management, production, media production, audio design, technical design, and onsite supervision for this twisted take on a classic walkthrough attraction.

Amidst a time-ravaged pleasure pier, the Clown Prince of Crime has requisitioned and repurposed an age-old funhouse, welcoming guests to join his gang of miscreant minions. Guests are invited to join the Joker and his gang of goons, thugs, and hooligans as new henchman recruits. To join Gotham’s most feared villains, guests must explore, climb, and slide through a rogue’s gallery of silly, sideshow-inspired rooms filled with mischievous contraptions. Guests take on a series of physical and mental challenges conjured up by Batman’s nemesis in this, a villainous twist on the classic carnival walkthrough experience.

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