Parc Oméga

  • Client: Parc Oméga
  • Location: Montebello, Québec, Canada


  • Concept Development + Refinement
  • Project + Production Management
  • Installation Supervision
  • Design + Development
  • Technical, Lighting + Audio Design

Oméga La Nuit is a nighttime attraction designed by Thinkwell Studio Montreal that was created as an additional guest experience for the existing safari park at Parc Oméga in Quebec, Canada.  The attraction transforms the daytime park experience into something completely new at night that takes guests on a journey into the Canadian wilderness through an array of technological, interactive, and theatrical experiences. 

Parc Oméga approached Thinkwell Studio Montréal to design Oméga La Nuit, an interactive nighttime experience for the park, with the caveat of creating an experience that could not distract from the wildlife and natural surroundings. By day, Parc Omega is a beautiful safari park where moose, elk, bison, and other Canadian wildlife roam freely in their natural habitat. A first of its kind project for Parc Oméga, the experience at Oméga La Nuit would allow guests to embark through the shadowed wilderness trails guided by soft LED lighting, projection mapping, interactive audio, and more that enhanced the forest in all-new ways.

With ensuring the environment was kept as dark as possible, the use of lighting was creatively placed to compliment the nighttime surroundings and not overpower it. Each of the eight areas along the 1.5 kilometer (0.93 mile) walk was uniquely lit to represent various forms and shapes of nature. Guests depart and arrive from The Village – the only place occupied by humans. The rest of the walk is focused on the nature of Quebec’s forests. Passing through the Enchanted Glade, the festive space begins to pull people from civilization and transports them out to the wooded areas of the tour. Within The Swamp, lights move to the soundtrack flow of frogs and insects croaking and chirping (all recorded onsite). Or in a moment of tense action, two bull elk battle on a 80 foot wide, 50 foot high projection onto a ‘screen’ of conifer trees.

Thinkwell Studio Montréal conceived, designed, produced, and installed this new expansion at Parc Oméga in 2019.