Jurassic Park Institute Tour

  • Client: Nakashima International
  • Location: Japan


  • Strategic Development
  • Master Planning
  • Concept Development + Refinement
  • Project + Production Management
  • Technical, Lighting + Audio Design
  • Media Production
  • In-Field Art Direction
  • Installation Supervision
  • Programming + Training

Building upon the success of the blockbuster film franchise, this unique touring attraction mixes education with thrills, immersing visitors in the science of paleontology and contemporary dinosaur discoveries while also delivering the wonder and adventure of the Jurassic Park brand.

Working with world-class paleontologists Dr. Robert T. Bakker and Dr. James I. Kirkland, we developed an educational curriculum that seamlessly integrated into an exciting 60-minute walkthrough show featuring 20 full-size animatronic dinosaurs, interactive media, environmental sets, and immersive special effects.