Doha International Airport

  • Client: Undisclosed
  • Location: Doha, Qatar


  • Design Development
  • Content Management
  • Media Production
  • Installation Supervision
  • Ongoing Upgrades + Extensions
  • Interactive Technologies
  • Concept Development + Refinement

Thinkwell Studio Montréal was asked to design, fabricate, and install two interactive experiences for children in Qatar’s Doha International Airport. Public traffic flow and “childproofing “ were considered in the development of a fully autonomous and animated experience that automatically self calibrates. 

An interactive sphere was constructed, surrounded by candy dispensers. When one or more children touch the surface of the sphere, it reacts and changes with video and audio effects. Another aspect of the children’s area designed by the Montréal team is an interactive floor that displays video games and reacts to children’s movements.

This project was completed prior to Thinkwell’s acquisition of Réalisations-Montréal in 2019.  Réalisations-Montréal is now Thinkwell Studio Montréal.