Bar Rouge at MGM Grand

  • Client: MGM Resorts
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Concept Development + Refinement
  • Design Development
  • Content Management
  • Media Production
  • Installation Supervision
  • Ongoing Upgrades + Extensions

Thinkwell Studio Montréal designed and developed the multimedia experience for the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino’s Bar Rouge in Las Vegas. Inspired by the theme of ‘message in a bottle,’ the team imagined a slideshow of dreamy moving images that could be displayed and changed inside 120 laser cut glass bottles. 

To implement this idea, the glass bottles were inserted in a metal wall and display independent video capsules via hidden monitors. This award-winning design incorporates dazzling visual imagery with contrasting colors and textures, with all elements combined through intricate video integration and hidden effects that create a truly unique atmosphere and unexpected guest experience.


This project was completed prior to Thinkwell’s acquisition of Réalisations-Montréal in 2019.  Réalisations-Montréal is now Thinkwell Studio Montréal.