Adapting and Transforming Location-Based Entertainment in a Post-COVID-19 World

Post-COVID Insights from
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You face challenges to opening and operating in the pre-vaccine landscape. But what steps should you take first? How can you approach reopening in a way which is intentional and visionary, setting you up to not just survive but thrive in this disrupted time and beyond? The choices you make now can help your entertainment venue or institution manifest your mission and brand, build loyalty, strengthen the ability to respond to new crises, and position for transformation in a post-vaccine world.

Thinkwell’s team is tackling these needs in a variety of ways for location-based entertainment partners, from strategic work to help institutions evolve to a playbook to guide museums through the intentional process of planning for and executing a reopening strategy. We’re continuing to add to these resources regularly, and we invite you to explore what we have to share and reach out to us with questions.

Post-COVID Playbook

Download the newly released Post-COVID Playbook for Cultural Attractions & Institutions

Introducing Thinkwell’s Post-COVID Playbook for
Cultural Attractions

In this tactical playbook, Thinkwell’s team provides a step-wise approach for cultural attractions and LBE venues to consider when planning for and implementing re-opening. We focus on five main areas of guest experience that will need to be adjusted, expanded, or even reimagined after stay-at-home orders are lifted, and how museums can fulfil their mission and strengthen their role in their communities.

  • Pre- and post-visit engagement

    How to expand, make guests feel connected, and monetize.

  • Guest flow and spacing

    How to pulse people, guide them through your space, and help them feel safe and in control of their journey

  • Interactives

    How to identify the places where people physically engage with content and adjust those interactions to minimize touch without sacrificing experience and education

  • Operations and Program Staff

    How to prepare employees and guests for a changed world

  • The Big Draw:

    what is the offering you want to provide for your community that will get guests excited to come back

Post-COVID Playbook

Click here to download the newly released Post-COVID Playbook


How Thinkwell is exploring and innovating ways for our clients to transform their businesses

Our teams are actively ideating on new ways to help our clients and the location-based entertainment industry move forward.  Read below for the latest from our teams with white paper content and thought pieces regarding the post-COVID-19 world.

  • Designing a Physically Distanced Theme Park

    July 22, 2020

    WHAT IF… …we designed a theme park with physical distancing and health-safety as guiding principles?   Disney Shanghai has opened its doors at reduced capacity to allow visitors space to learn the “new norms”, such as spacing out within a…

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  • Keep the Preshow; Ditch the Queue

    June 26, 2020

    As theme parks start to reopen, post-COVID-19 operations efforts will have many new protocols like advanced reservations, limited attendance, required face masks, increased cleaning of ride vehicles & queue rails, and putting social-distancing ground markers in queues. Ah, the dreaded…

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  • Virtual Reality & The New Compromise

    June 26, 2020

    A Vision, Compromised For years, the promise of digital immersion and alternate realities permeated its way into the zeitgeist of popular futurism. Yet it wasn’t until American entrepreneur Palmer Luckey revived the VR industry with the release of the Oculus…

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  • It looks like a dance chart for our post-COVID world. It’s called the SIX FOOT DANCE.

    June 16, 2020

    Public venues of all kinds are re-opening to a radically different reality, as people venture out into the public space. Old ways and patterns of doing things are now different, ranging from shopping at the grocery store, to going to…

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  • Museum & Cultural Institution Transformation, Part 1

    June 15, 2020

    At the same time we’re helping partners and clients think through the issues and details of how to open and operate in a pre-vaccine world, Thinkwell is also considering what this means for the museum field at large. Unlike the…

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  • How Will Technologies Shape Our Interactions and Spaces in the Post-Confinement Era?

    June 11, 2020

    In a post-confinement world, human beings will seek the exact opposite of what will be prescribed to them: in the face of social distancing, we will want to get closer to each other again; at the prohibition of touch, we…

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  • Physically Distanced Museums

    June 3, 2020

    What is the museum of the future? How will museums operate – physically, intellectually, financially – long after COVID19? There’s big transformation on the horizon for cultural institutions, but there’s also the immediacy of ‘how can we reopen? When can…

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  • Location-based Entertainment in a Post-COVID-19 World

    April 29, 2020

    As people consider what the future of location-based entertainment in a post-coronavirus world looks like, owners and operators of theme parks, entertainment venues, and family entertainment centers consider how they will run their businesses in whatever version of the “new…

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