Photograph of Charlotte Lerat Saint-Blancat

Charlotte Lerat Saint-Blancat

Technical Coordinator, Thinkwell Studio Montréal

As Technical Coordinator, Charlotte supports the aspects of each Montréal project through testing and installation, coordinating both digital and technical tools for the team.

  • Born and raised in Saint Brieuc, France, Charlotte fell in love with cinema at a young age–so much so she completed her studies in Cinema at ESRA International in Rennes. Her relationship with the entertainment industry has involved working both on and offset for film productions across Europe and Canada.


    One of her favourite milestones in her career thus far, was working alongside Kevin Smith on Supergirl as an onset key Production Assistant. Apart from fostering her passion for the movie industry, Charlotte enjoys sculpting miniature objects with polymer clay and spending time at the library reading comic books. Her quirky nature always leaves smiles at the office, and we would like to consider her as our very own Supergirl.