Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

“It’s the simply the most remarkable park built in the last few decades by a company not named Disney or Universal — and it’s better than some of their parks, too, even out of the gate.”— Robert Niles, Theme Park Insider


Thinkwell, in collaboration with Warner Bros. and Miral, conceived, designed and was a key member of the project delivery team to bring  the newest global theme park destination, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, to life. This park brings together the beloved stories and characters from the studios’ unparalleled collection of Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and DC Entertainment super heroes in a world-class experience unlike any other.

As the world’s largest indoor theme park, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi combines six immersive lands — Warner Bros. Plaza, Gotham City, Metropolis, Cartoon Junction, Bedrock, and Dynamite Gulch — to create one awe-inspiring experience. The 1.65-million sq. ft. (153,290 sq. m) park boasts family-friendly interactive experiences, state-of-the-art blockbuster rides and attractions, unique live entertainment, and immersively themed restaurants and boutiques.

Thinkwell was responsible for the master planning, creative development, design, implementation, and attraction production of the entire park. Thinkwell also served as producers of all park media, including hours of original orchestrated music and soundtracks, blockbuster cinema quality media, and more. In addition, Thinkwell also served as the IP representative, bringing the park to life with WB-themed artwork, media, and scoring for all of the attractions.

Lionsgate Entertainment World

Zhuhai Hengqin Laisun Creative Culture City Co. Ltd. engaged Thinkwell Group to create the first Lionsgate Entertainment World, a themed immersive experience center that will bring to life some of Lionsgate’s most successful film properties in China. Spanning 22,000 sqm. of premium indoor space, Lionsgate Entertainment World is one of the key attractions in Novotown, an integrated tourism and entertainment destination in Hengqin, five minutes from the closest Macau border. In addition to being Asia’s first movie-themed indoor experience, this marks Lionsgate’s first interactive indoor experience to open in the world and will feature blockbuster franchises like The Hunger GamesThe Twilight SagaThe Divergent Series, and Now You See Me as well as films like Escape Plan and Gods of Egypt as the story backgrounds of the attractions.

Cutting-edge technology is leveraged to immerse “Explorers” into the films in various ways throughout the attractions and experiences, and guests are also transported into their favorite Lionsgate IPs through unique dining and retail experiences themed around these global film favorites. The combination of Lionsgate style and substance sets a new standard for entertainment centers in the region.

Lionsgate Entertainment World™ at Novotown opened to the public in July 2019.

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Huayi Brothers Movie World

This exciting, world-class theme park is inspired by the blockbuster locales and characters created by the renowned duo, the Huayi Brothers.

Guests are surrounded by immersive environments that celebrate the hit movies, television shows, celebrities, and pop culture that the Huayi Brothers are famous for. Stories are brought to life through cutting-edge technologies, spectacular shows, thrilling rides, and unique attractions.

Sectioned into five different movie-inspired areas, these highly themed zones will combine unique “film set” locations and fully immersive environments, allowing guests not only to learn the magic of moviemaking through the Huayi Brothers’ unique history, but also get swept up in the magic by actively playing a role themselves.


This highly imaginative destination resort concept for Gatlinburg, Tennessee – gateway to the Smoky Mountains – contains two distinctive hotel properties, a hillside retail district accessed by funicular, an indoor/outdoor waterpark, and many iconic attractions, all themed to a fictional backstory with fantastical architectural elements.

Constrained by the site’s challenging topography, we conceived the best possible circulation that also complements the natural landscape, connecting the property to the existing pedestrian and vehicular routes within downtown Gatlinburg, while also providing attractive access to the resort’s new elements.

Beijing Central Park

This massive mixed-use development includes a theme park; MACE facilities; retail, entertainment and dining district; cultural attractions and more.

With a site-wide transportation system, beautiful lake and waterways, verdant landscape parkways and more, Beijing Central Park is a multi-day destination for families, conference goers, and couples.

Jurassic Dream Theme Park

This fully immersive, dinosaur-packed theme park combines education, thrills, and state-of-the-art technology in a massive indoor environment that provides the perfect climate year-round.

Located in the northern Heilongjiang Province of China, this 19-acre, world-class park features interactive play areas, thrilling rides, and immersive shows in a spectacular environment that sets the imagination afire.

Unlike any other theme park development in Northern China, Jurassic Dream is a major component to Daqing Dream City, which combines the finest residential, retail, business, and entertainment offerings in one spectacular location.

Azulera Adventure Park & Resort

This beachfront eco-resort features a five-star hotel designed by renowned architect Michael Graves adjacent to Costa Rica’s first “adventure park,” immersing visitors in a lush rainforest setting that challenges them with treetop zip lines, white water rapids, animal encounters, a flight simulator over and through the rainforests, and much more.

Thinkwell also developed the resort’s ecologically sensitive retail, dining, and casino entertainment district, featuring unique treetop facilities that grow out of the lush regional flora.

Luminous Window of China

The future comes to life in this playful, stylistic, and innovative indoor theme park connected to a large shopping complex in Beijing.

The centerpiece of the project was the Robosculpture, a media and motion kinetic sculpture that activated once an hour to provide a spectacular celebration. The park featured a variety of rides all stylized in a clean, contemporary look that unified aerodynamic lines and innovative lighting techniques.

Virtual Games World

A real-world indoor theme park that brings video games to life in a location-based entertainment environment.

The goal of this innovative project was to combine an immersive story and online game play with seamless interactivity with players in the physical environment. Combined with a futuristic hotel, multilevel trackable player interactives, strange alien worlds and more, Virtual Games World was conceived to bring the game console to life.