Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel

Réalisations-Montréal created several interactive features to enhance the guest experience in Manhattan’s first “living hotel.” The project included the design and development of an interactive virtual concierge alcove that showcases content from Time Out Magazine; two outdoor LED clocks with changing imagery; and digital lobby art by Nicholas Ruel, all of which enhance the building’s signature and Renaissance brand both inside and out.

Réalisations-Montréal also created an ambient intelligence corridor for the hotel, complete with soundscape and reactive digital tapestry. The display responds to human movement using reflective wallpaper, motion detectors, projectors, and 3D cameras that capture and project data and movement occurring in the corridor.  The interaction between guests and the wall creates a visual tapestry of subtle, organic graphics in this unexpected experience.

Coney Island

Commissioned to drive the creative vision and develop the masterplan in conjunction with Callison architects during the revitalization of this historic Brooklyn destination, Thinkwell reimagined the beloved entertainment icon as a mixed-use development that was a modern reincarnation of the original, featuring an all-season amusement park, an indoor waterpark, and hotel.

By mixing fantastic new attractions with Coney’s legendary, gritty spontaneity, Thinkwell created something exciting for new and old fans alike, while holding true to Coney Island’s authenticity.

Dubai Pearl

Transcending the typical luxury options available in the area, Dubai Pearl is a multi-use development including retail, dining, residences, and entertainment that encourages exploration through playful, artful, and engaging activation.

Offering a distinct array of exciting and exquisite lifestyle alternatives, this diverse environment presents itself as a fresh approach to community building. Using light, sound, mixed media, and fiber-optic arrays, guests are drawn through the development while simultaneously supporting and activating the spaces around them. Working closely with Pearl Dubai FZ, LLC, Thinkwell has created an authentic sense of place through entertainment programming and activation—one with its own unique design perspective and flow.


Set on a series of island-like landmasses along Dubai Creek, visitors are drawn through this city-within-the-city by a series of forward-thinking iconic elements.

This cutting-edge, groundbreaking urban development engages guests through a series of innovative, environmental “attractors”—which combine elements of public art, multimedia design, sculpture, and interactive technology—along with entertainment venues that provide unique gathering spots and active public spaces throughout.

Ayla Oasis

Working with the developer of this high-end destination resort and mixed-use development on the Red Sea in Aqaba, Thinkwell created a series of attractions and experiences to create a truly differentiated and unique offering.

From the distinctive Beacon Plaza Fountain to an indoor educational attraction that unique combines learning and discovery to an underwater sculpture garden seen only from tourist submarine or snorkeling, Ayla Oasis is a truly unique destination.


This unique “live, work, play” mixed-use residential district celebrates the historical significance and natural beauty of the surrounding area in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Combining a variety of residential products, accommodations, retail, food and beverage, and unique entertainment, this unique destination was designed as if it were an adaptive urban reuse project—but instead, built from the ground up.

Each building’s “backstory” sets the stage for immersive environmental place-making through distinct districts, each with its own signature character, giving Watertown an authentic sense of community.

SongSong Town

Located in the north of China, SongSong Town is the world’s first “activity park” featuring two levels of immersive environment and entertainment.

The first level is a storybook town that offers children and their parents a dazzling array of activities housed throughout the picturesque village’s shops and stores. SongSong Town features a theater for live performances, a forest that’s full of adventures for the young, and a tiki beach play zone that offers customized physical activities. One floor up is a unique entertainment and dining district based on famous European cities: Paris, London, Rome, and Frankfurt.