Katherine Mitchell

As Vice President of Marketing, Katherine is responsible for driving all marketing and communications strategies and initiatives across Thinkwell’s global and local teams.

Claudine Hubert

As Director of Human Resources at Thinkwell Studio Montréal, Claudine is part of the connective tissue that keeps things running smoothly at the studio, ensuring that both staff and company needs are being met as the firm evolves and grows.

Yoli Romeo

As Director of People, Yoli is responsible for all employee relations company-wide, while maintaining employee benefits, programs and work structure for all employees.

Antoine Roy-Larouche

As Director of Operations, Antoine oversees all developments and operations for Thinkwell Studio Montréal through his project management and collaboration abilities.

Renée DeSoto

Renée is the operational mastermind of Thinkwell Media.  She’s equally comfortable working with clients, managing large multidisciplinary teams, and architecting long-term strategic plans.

Sly Brisebois

As Director of Operations, Sly oversees the operational and administrative procedures at Thinkwell’s LA Studio while also managing the Production Studio.

Tyler Rinehart

As the Vice President of Production, Tyler leads the LA Studio to ensure accurate resourcing, reporting, and general management of production workflows and project teams, while also overseeing Project Development and inbound client relations for Thinkwell in LA.


Regina Eise

As Senior Vice President of Finance, Regina is responsible for Thinkwell’s finance and accounting operations.  She maintains Thinkwell’s ERP System along with a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk for the organization.


François Bergeron

As Chief Strategy Officer for Thinkwell, François is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of Thinkwell Group and leading the team’s strategic collaboration with the TAIT Group.