Claudine Hubert

As Director of Human Resources at Thinkwell Studio Montréal, Claudine is part of the connective tissue that keeps things running smoothly at the studio, ensuring that both staff and company needs are being met as the firm evolves and grows.

David Lemieux

As Director of Project Development at Thinkwell Studio Montréal, David is responsible for ensuring that the studio meets its revenue objectives, all the while fostering client-focused processes and culture throughout the company.

Émilie F. Grenier

Émilie is our lead Creative Director in Montréal. She is dedicated to the creation of remarkable objects and experiences, while also shaping the studio’s creative viewpoint.

Sébastien Rompré

As Technology Lead, Sébastien works in collaboration with Thinkwell Studio Montréal management and R&D to define the technological vision of the company, as well as make decisions relating to technological interests and technology needs.

Louis Voreux

As an in-house developer at Thinkwell Studio Montréal, Louis uses his electrical engineering skills to merge hardware interactive into digital spaces.

Bruno Colpron

As a Multimedia Specialist, Bruno helps to find the best multimedia equipment for projects, while also providing video editing, content creation, and client support for media projects.

Charlotte Lerat Saint-Blancat

As Technical Coordinator, Charlotte supports the aspects of each Montréal project through testing and installation, coordinating both digital and technical tools for the team.