Sarkis Markar

As a Senior Producer, Sarkis develops, manages, and oversees all aspects of video productions from pre-production to post-production.

Jen Winston

As Senior Producer for Thinkwell Media, Jen writes, develops content, builds and maintains client relationships, plays with visual storytelling strategies, and supports the needs of various team projects.

Matt Lambro

Matt is a Senior Producer for Thinkwell Media, with extensive experience in both interactive and traditional media production.

Thomas Jacobsen

As Director of Post Production, Thomas is responsible for providing the creative and operational leadership to Thinkwell Media’s digital post-production team and ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality content.

Jessica Trimble

As Senior Producer, Jessica develops team cohesion, manages the project budget and schedule, and maintains the overall creative vision of her Thinkwell Media projects.

Renée DeSoto

Renée is the operational mastermind of Thinkwell Media.  She’s equally comfortable working with clients, managing large multidisciplinary teams, and architecting long-term strategic plans.