Sébastien Rompré

As Technology Lead, Sébastien works in collaboration with Thinkwell Studio Montréal management and R&D to define the technological vision of the company and ensure the studio is at the forefront of new technologies and innovation.

Bruno Colpron

As a Multimedia Specialist, Bruno helps to find the best multimedia equipment for projects, while also providing video editing, content creation, and client support for media projects.

Sam Desranleau

As a Developer for Thinkwell Studio Montréal, Sam uses his skills in game design to develop guest gameplay and user experiences for Thinkwell’s interactive projects.

Jonas Lhoste

As a Developer, Jonas works in the R&D department building and developing new tools for immersive experiences.

Suzanne Wright

As a Senior Interior Designer and Art Director, Suzanne works with clients to determine project goals and ensures that the design is not only based on project guidelines, but also on functionality and safety.

Jason McManus

As Principal and Senior Art Director, Jason collaborates with creative teams to create and guide the overall look and feel of Thinkwell projects ranging from theme parks and museums to live shows and brand experiences.


Erin Sliva

As an Art Director, Erin oversees and collaborates in all phases of Thinkwell projects, from development of story and design concepts, through final production and installation.

Sly Brisebois

As Director of Operations, Sly oversees the operational and administrative procedures at Thinkwell’s LA Studio while also managing the Production Studio.

Alexandra Dunn

As Senior Art Director, Alexandra manages and directs a team of artists and designers to create themed environments of various scales, styles and intellectual properties. Alexandra specializes in art direction, show design, set design, theatrical design, film and television, and puppet design.