Ben Wolff

As Creative Director, Ben is responsible for leading the creative development of a variety of projects, guiding a project from concept to completion, with a focus on the guest experience.

Jeremy Thompson

As Associate Creative Director, Jeremy helps guide the creative process from initial ideation all the way through final scripting and opening day with a collaborative approach.

Devin Flanigan

As Creative Director, Devin leads the creative efforts of project teams, working to define, align and maintain a clear creative vision throughout multiple disciplines, phases and deliverables, all beginning with a written narrative.

Anna Altschwager

As Creative Director, Anna shapes and guides a project’s creative vision across mediums, overseeing narratives and scripts, facilitating charrettes and creative workshops, and ensuring current pedagogy and inclusive practice underpin the work and partnerships.

Sara Beil

As Sr. Writer, Sara connects guests with stories and ideas through spaces and experiences.

Émilie F. Grenier

As Head of Creative at Thinkwell Studio Montréal, Émilie sets the creative vision for the studio and leads her team to create large-scale multisensory installations for an international client base.

Michael Carpenter

Michael provides creative direction for emerging technology behind Thinkwell projects including blue sky ideation, concept writing, and creative oversight from concept to completion.

Cynthia Sharpe

As Sr. Principal, Cynthia Sharpe is responsible for bringing museum, education, and inclusive perspectives to all Thinkwell projects.

Randy Ewing

As Principal, Randy is a strategic design leader at Thinkwell, guiding and directing the aesthetic development of Thinkwell projects around the world.