Tina Blakeney

As Principal, Tina has strategic management of the Project Development pipeline in Montreal and globally, working to ensure that planning, strategy, and deliverables can be met across teams and projects. She operates as a holistic touchpoint for all heads of department as well as producers.

Hugues Sweeney

As President of Thinkwell Studio Montréal, Hugues leads his team to deliver large-scale immersive experiences for an international client base. With a decentralized management style, he thrives on collaboration in developing new products, processes and markets.

Jesse Cannady

As Senior Director of Project Development, Jesse oversees new project opportunities and manages existing client relationships. He oversees the response to requests for proposals, working to strategically position Thinkwell for success in competitive US markets.

Peden Bhutia

As Project Development Director for Thinkwell EMEA, Peden translates Thinkwell’s vision and goals into proactive business development plans for the EMEA region.


Amin Rashmani

As Managing Director for Thinkwell MENA and TAIT MENA, Amin oversees the Thinkwell and TAIT operation, strategy, people, and ventures within the MENA region, including KSA. His technical background paired with his business experience makes Amin an asset to the TAIT global team.

Joe Zenas

As Chief Executive Officer, Joe is responsible for leading the strategic direction of the company as well as managing new growth opportunities, corporate strategies, alliances, and intellectual property partnerships.