Thinkwell Holidays At Home: Family Activity Packet

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As experience designers, we Thinkwellians think a lot about the guest perspective, whether it be for a theme park, museum, corporate experience, or live spectacular. Usually, our design work is for large public gatherings, but we’re all indoors now during this troubling time, thinking about how to best spend our hours creating experiences in the home. With springtime holidays upon us, we wanted to focus our attention on your experience of cherishing family family traditions and memories that make Easter and Passover special. We hope that these fun family crafts and activities will enliven your spring holidays at home. Make them your own, make them unique, and enjoy!

Post photos and videos of your work on social media using #ThinkwellAtHome and #ThinkwellHolidaysAtHome to see what others have come up with.

To download, click the links below.

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Holidays At Home Activity Book

When you’re done, return HERE (remember, no peeking!) to see if you had the right answers from the scavenger hunt!