Thinkwell’s 2016 Guest Experience Trend Report: Virtual Reality Check

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This year’s Thinkwell Guest Experience Trend Report has arrived! The 2016 report dives into a subject that has consumed media and technology coverage this year—Virtual Reality. Commentary on this subject has permeated the consumer landscape more than ever before, and it’s quickly becoming a technology that is more and more accessible.

What does this mean for theme park and entertainment venues? What are guests really looking for, and more important, what are their expectations with VR?

“We are researching and developing high capacity virtual reality attractions and our clients are asking us more and more for virtual reality,” said Craig Hanna, Chief Creative Officer, Thinkwell. “So we felt focusing our annual Guest Experience Trend Report on virtual reality for theme parks made a lot of sense this year.”

Discover the global insights and implications for VR in this year’s report published below.

PDF version of the report is available here: 2016 Thinkwell Guest Experience Trend Report