Thinkwell Group Publishes Second Annual Guest Experience Trend Report

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Survey Finds that 69 Percent of Visitors Bring a Mobile Device While Visiting a Museum
BURBANK, CALIF. (Nov. 10, 2014) — Thinkwell Group, an international guest experience agency specializing in the creation of theme parks, major attractions, events, museums, exhibits, and live shows around the world, today released the findings of their annual nationwide survey of how and why people engage with experiences, in a White Paper Report entitled “Museums & the Digital Revolution.” This year’s Report honed in specifically on the current museum guest experience and visitors’ expectations and desires for mobile integration.
The survey reached over 1,400 museumgoers and found that 69 percent of the respondents bring mobile devices (tablets and/or smartphones) with them while visiting a museum. Of that 69 percent, 73 percent used their device during their visit, most notably to take photos. Similar results were found in last year’s Guest Experience Trend Report on theme park mobile integration. The majority of those who did not use their mobile devices during their visit were over the age of 60 years.
The Trend Report offers and in-depth analysis of the results and trends found within the market survey. Most notably, it addresses what guests like and do not like about their museum experience and offers recommendations on how best to cater to these visitors.
“The results of the survey are fascinating and, for museums, heartening. Real stuff, real stories, real human experiences: it’s what museums do best, and it’s what visitors crave,” said Cynthia Sharpe, Senior Director of Cultural Attractions and Research for Thinkwell Group.
The complete report, as well as the companion infographic, are available online for review at:
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