Five great things to see on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

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As the media frenzy around JK Rowling publishing the History of the Quidditch World Cup online has shown, we’re all still pretty damn obsessed with Harry Potter. And why not? It’s a story that has all the ingredients of a timeless classic. And the films were pretty good too! Thankfully, if you’re feeling you need a Potter fix over and above JK’s new writings, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour near Watford is the perfect day out. You get to go behind the scenes of the most successful film franchise of all time, and wander around the spectacular sets that they made the films on too.
Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or just a film buff, the Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a truly magical experience. Here are 5 great things that you’ll get to see on the tour:
Hogwarts Castle
If you’ve ever wanted to visit Hogwarts, this is your chance! You’ll walk through the Great Hall and Dumbledore’s office, and even get a close look at the incredible 360 degree scale model of Hogwarts Castle, a work of art in itself, which was crafted by 86 artists and crew members, and took over 74 years of man hours to build. The model is nearly 50 feet in diameter and has over 2,500 fibre optic lights which act as lanterns and torches, helping give the illusion of students passing through hallways in the films. A day-to-night cycle takes place every four minutes so you can experience it!
Broomstick flying
Yes, you’ll get to see some actual broomstick flying and you can even try it yourself! You sit on your broom in front of a big green screen while a fan blows wind into your hair, so you get a real sense of what it was like for the actors as you fly over Hogwarts and all the sights of London.
Spell casting
Whilst you’re at the Harry Potter Tour, the staff like to get you to work! So you will get taught how to cast a few spells and get acquainted with exactly how to engage in a wand duel.
Diagon Alley
You’ll get to stand on the amazing Diagon Alley, the very place where Harry first enters to magical world of wizards. You can read a few spell books at Flourish & Blotts book shop or maybe you’ll choose new wand at Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment?
The Winged Stars of Harry Potter
This April, Warner Bros. Studios will open the ‘Feathers and Flight’ feature for all visitors, inviting them to discover how the film-makers designed the owls, ravens and all other winged beasts of the films. You’ll be able to pose for a photograph with Harry Potter’s beloved Hedwig, arguably the most famous owl in film. You’ll also meet the other owlish stars, including Ron Weasley’s Pigwidgeon and the Weasley family’s Errol. Also included on the tour will be an explanation of how the crew trained the crows that appear on the film: you’ll be quite surprised at how smart they are!
So there you have it, 5 great things to see on your visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. Book your tickets now!
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