London is TripAdvisor's most reviewed city (and Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour is most reviewed attraction)

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The most reviewed city on TripAdvisor this year was London, according to an annual report into user activity on the website.
The capital easily topped the list, generating nearly half a million reviews (459,000) during 2013.
Rome was the second most written-about city, attracting 365,000 postings on the website. Paris received 318,000 reviews and New York 305,000.
Reviews covered hotels, restaurants and sights, with the domestic attraction most written about by Britons being the Harry Potter tour at the Warner Bros studios in Hertfordshire. It inspired more than 8,400 reviews.
British reviews were likely to be in-depth, with the average post coming in at a relatively lengthy 660 characters. Only reviewers from Singapore and the Philippines wrote more.
Belgian reviews were the most positively received however, with posts by users from the country receiving the most thumbs up – a sign that other users have found the information useful. The average review received 2.22 thumbs up.
Americans were responsible for writing the most reviews, perhaps unsurprisingly given that the site began in the US. They contributed 51 per cent more content than their British counterparts.
After Britain, the Italians were the next nation likely to air their views online.
Asian tourists were most likely to post photos to the site, with the Japanese leading the way, sharing an average of 12 pictures per review. Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and China followed.
In terms of who travelled the most, Singaporeans were the most keen to write about destinations outside of their own country, one of the world’s smallest.
Finnish, Dutch and Russian reviewers also took a high proportion of trips abroad, with at least 80 per cent of their reviews concerning foreign countries.
TripAdvisor features more than 260 million monthly visitors and its community has contributed more than 125 million reviews and opinions to the site, up from 75 million reviews and opinions a year ago.
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