The Mobile Theme Park: How Technology Will Enhance The Guest Experience At The Happiest Place On Earth

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Here at, we write frequently about retailers and restaurants using creative mobile strategies to connect with customers. Many businesses use QR codes to enhance the in-store experience, develop smartphone apps to help customers find what they need more easily, and implement mobile ordering systems to make it more convenient for people to order during the lunch rush.
Generally, the overarching goal of businesses using mobile is to improve the customer experience. But it isn’t just restaurants and retailers exploring the channel. The entertainment world is starting to think about ways they can integrate mobile into the customer experience. This is particularly true in some of the most well-loved theme parks in the country, but also speaks to a growing trend in the sector as a whole. Here’s how Disney is using mobile to enhance days at the park for its customers, and here’s what you can learn from their case study.
Imagine being able to skip to the front of every line on your favorite rides, pay for your lunch, and open your hotel room with a quick swipe of a wrist band. These are just some of the features that Disney has integrated into its long-anticipated MyMagic+ program. The program uses wireless technology to provide customers with an all-access pass to their favorite parks. Unsurprisingly, it has been in the works for a few years now and there have been several delays. A program of this magnitude is bound to take some time to implement! Disney is now in the final planning stages for MyMagic+ and it’s expected to be rolled out during 2014 in the major parks.
The fully-implemented MyMagic+ program will actually allow guests to map out the specific details of upcoming Disney trips several months in advance. And it’s not just about reserving hotel rooms and park tickets. MyMagic+ users can schedule everything, right down to the time of day they’d like to go on a specific ride in a particular park. The new program relies on special wrist bands that can be scanned at park entrances, ride queues, hotel rooms, and restaurants to create an all-access enhanced experience for users. It’s the perfect solution for those who love Disney but hate spending valuable vacation time waiting around in long lines.
It will be interesting to track feedback from customers as MyMagic+ rolls out in the Disney parks. This program is just one indicator of a growing trend that is expected to revolutionize the entertainment sector. A recent survey from popular entertainment design company Thinkwell Group shows that theme park goers want more mobile integration. 67% of those surveyed said that mobile technology had the potential to improve their days at the park. Based on this feedback and increased smartphone usage worldwide, we expect to see more parks coming up with creative ways to enhance the visitor experience with mobile in the coming years.
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