Thinkwell appoints Paul Redding as Vice President of Production

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Thinkwell announced last week the promotion of Paul Redding from Project Director to the role of Vice President of Production, effective immediately. In this capacity, he will provide production direction for the division in line with the corporate strategic goals by working with the executive group to streamline the production process by increasing efficiency and focusing on getting projects built, all with an eye on growth.
Redding’s position will be crucial to all aspects of Thinkwell’s production pipeline and day-to-day design/build workflows. He will also work closely with the Vice President of Content & Design and the Vice President of Resources & Operations, developing and implementing project teams in line with the company’s reputation for quality.
“Our company always strives to find creative ways of designing, managing and building experiential projects,” says François Bergeron, COO of Thinkwell Group. “We are focused on developing efficient practices for the creation of location-based and digital projects. In particular, the efforts to significantly reduce the time it takes to conceive, design and implement guest experiences. Paul will help our company focus its priorities on leveraging the way we manage projects, from blank page to opening. He will be instrumental in implementing new systems across our production group. We believe this is a game changer for our company.”
Paul Redding, who first joined Thinkwell in 2007, has more than 25 years of experience in museum, theme park and attraction design, production, and project management. In his previous position, he played an integral role in the development and execution of multiple marquee projects in the UAE and China including the Jurassic Dream Theme Park, the Monkey Kingdom Theme Park, and The Great Wall Experience among others.
Prior to Thinkwell, Redding’s portfolio boasts a diverse slate of projects including high-profile undertakings such as Backdraft, Back to the Future and T2-3D for Universal Studios Japan where he served as a Project Manager; Shuttle Launch Experience, Kennedy Space Center; Space Park Bremen; Warner Bros. Movie World, Germany; and Warner Bros. Movie World, Australia. With expertise encompassing live shows, events, exhibits, ride systems and dark rides, retail and themed environments, immersive theater experiences, and water parks, Redding’s projects have spanned five continents and counting.
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