Jurassic Dream: A Future Amusement Park on the Jurassic in China

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A proposed amusement park on the Jurassic theme is seeing the day in China. With a planned opening in 2014, will be part of Jurassic Dream club of the greatest theme parks and attractions covered, including Lotte World in South Korea, Nickelodeon Universe United States or Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
A particular site
Work began in the city of Daqing in northeast China, in what is the first oilfield in the country. This city prefecture, the remote region of Heilongjiang, with nearly 3 million people played a leading role in the industrialization of the country. In the 60s Mao Zedong slogan was “In industry, learn from Daqing.” Faced with declining oil production on the region and the relatively high standard of living of the population, this project shows the beginnings of an economic redevelopment of the area in which the translation is significant Daqing “Grand Celebration”. Despite extreme weather conditions specific to Manchuria during the winter months, temperatures can drop to indeed -30 ° C.
An ambitious project
This is why the designers opted for the development of a park covered in order to operate the park throughout the year. The end result will be an impressive atrium along 128 meters high and 28.5 meters where the temperature will be regulated continuously. This is the American Thinkwell, who has worked on projects such as “Ski Dubai” or the “Warner Bros Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter”, which is responsible for the artistic design of the site. The result is a large shopping complex called “Jurassic City”, which welcomes visitors with many shops, restaurants, bars, snacks and entertainment located on two floors with a terrace overlooking the whole. The center will be the area “Celebration Gardens,” a lush garden with flower beds and a lagoon that come alive with fountains and lighting effects. The place will be the scene of a daily evening show “The Dream Begins”. It is around this area we will find different attractions, shows and entertainment.
Attractions and entertainment
Among the various attractions found under the “Mystic Cavern”, a family roller coaster that will leave bright spot rocks and fossils of dinosaurs along the way. “Wrath of Zhu Rong – Flames of Fury”, a fireworks attraction ambulatory with a Temple of Zhu Rong, the god of fire in ancient China, where it bit tolerant attempt to drive the interlopers by sets of flames. Visitors can also observe dinosaurs in their natural environments with “Dinosaur Encounter” with explained by facilitators. Similarly younger have a learning area, the “Dinosaur Discovery” to initiate the prehistoric past of our planet through several thematic areas, ranging from the sea bottom to the top of trees through an archaeological site.
Finally, “Time Trek” immerse visitors in two unique experiences “Into the Abyss” which will explore the underwater world while “Primal Flight” will explore the aerial world. This flight simulator suspend the original participants in the vacuum above a giant spherical screen. Depending on the scenario, scientists have invented a high-tech laboratory optical system for monitoring neural great creatures of the past through their eyes. Millennia later, the dinosaurs will dream big and small, in a rich, immersive experience in shows and attractions. www.thinkwell.staging.work
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