The graphic design of Harry Potter

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We went down to the Warner Brothers Studio near Watford for the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and let me tell you – it’s amazing! Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or you just like the film industry and seeing movie magic, then you won’t be disappointed.
It’s a complete behind-the-scenes look at the making of the 8 films (from the 7 books). Not only are there dozens of the sets, but hundreds of costumes and thousands of the props that were used. You get to have a go on a broomstick on a green screen, sample a cup of Butter beer, and see the animatronics that were used in many of the creatures used.
It’s great to see the work of so many model makers, visual artists, special effects people, costume designers, artists, and… graphic designers! Yes, there are a few cabinets in a section for graphic designers. Now there’s something you don’t see very often. There are many skills and fields involved in bringing the magic to the big screen but it’s rare to see the work of the graphic designer honoured and acknowledged.
The designers produced a wide variety of work, from shop signage, newspapers, train tickets, packaging for sweets and joke shop products, and issues of ‘The Quibbler’, (the wizards’ tabloid).
We tip our (very pointy) hats, and salute the great work of the Graphic designers, the unsung heroes of the movie industry, and thanks to Warner Brothers for highlighting their talents and their work.
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